Platelets Don’t Grow On Trees

UNC Timmy’s new project is geared toward donating blood for high-risk patients who experience low levels of platelets. This project relates to Timmy’s mission because Timmy’s foundation is about healing, serving, and educating people so they can restore good health. Dr. Chuck Dietzen, Founder and President of Timmy Global Health, said “We were not all born to be doctors and nurses, but we were all born to be healers.” UNC Hospitals, located in the Cancer Wing, provide daily sessions for people to donate blood. Platelet donations go towards very ill patients in UNC’s Hospital. Many of the victims who have low platelet counts are burn victims, premature babies, leukemia patients, pediatric cancer patients and patients undergoing major surgery. These patients are also supported through UNC Dance Marathon but with the support from Timmy Global Health many of these patients will benefit in the long run from the services provided and will experience lower risks of severe bleeding that could possibly be fatal if not treated. Blood is very hard to come by since there are no substitutes and humans are the only source. Individuals with high blood pressure can still donate but they need to check the donation guidelines on UNC’s Blood Donation Center website. The donation or “apheresis” process doesn’t hurt, in fact most donors don’t feel any pain. The donor’s blood is collected through an intravenous tube in one arm. The blood then passes through an apheresis machine, which separates the stem cells from the blood. Afterwards, the stem cells are collected for storage and the remainder of the blood is returned through an intravenous tube in the other arm.

If you’re interested to donate blood please visit UNC’s Blood Donation Center website here for more information: Donors need to be at least 16 years old,  110 pounds or more, and have basic good health to be eligible. It’s important to donate because very donor may save up to three lives in two hours! 




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Welcome to Timmy Global Health at UNC!

Timmy Global Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill welcomes you to our website!  We will post any upcoming events or news on this page so that you can keep updated with us.

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